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Berlin – the historic capital of Germany, international metropolis, home of the diplomatic missions of the world, bi-national institutions and international institutions. The history of Berlin as a place of unifying exchange and cooperation goes back to the year 1878, when the residence of the ambassadors of Imperial China founded the embassy district at the Tiergarten, which still exists today.

Talk about your activities in your host country and your country of origin

In the modern world of states, diplomatic missions and international relations are indispensable building blocks for peaceful bilateral relations based on exchange and understanding. Their representatives make major contributions in respective host countries to promoting mutual understanding, political relations, economic cooperation and cultural exchange. But the general public often knows far too little about the varied work and valuable initiatives of diplomatic missions and their employees. We want to change that!

We are convinced: In modern knowledge-based societies, transparency, openness and communicative exchange promote the coexistence of countries and their populations as partners. Digitization and the possibilities that the internet has to offer have lead to an ever increasing need for information about social and political issues. A need that you can satisfy! Using these opportunities to disseminate your work and concerns can serve as a foundation for international understanding and social respect for good bilateral relations.

Do you want to give your fellow citizens and the population in your host country a unique insight into the world of diplomacy? Do you want to show that diplomacy is much more than talking behind closed doors? Do you want to make sure that more is known of your activities and appointments than just the image of diplomatic motorcades racing through traffic?

We look forward to working with you to create exciting formats as live streaming and video productions.

We can assist you in spreading knowledge about the services you do in maintaining international relations and representing your home country. With our expertise in PR and video marketing and our high-quality technical equipment, you can leave a footprint in Berlin – and show it to the general public. We are a broad-based media agency and have been tried and tested for years in the conception, production and distribution of diverse media formats for companies, private individuals, parties and organizations in the fields of business, politics and culture. In our studio in the heart of political Berlin near the Friedrichstraße, we produce documentaries, TV formats, live streams, magazine articles, podcasts and short clips. In a joint effort for international cooperation and international understanding, we offer you target group-oriented and publicly effective dissemination of your work. Be it speeches, interviews, public appearances, statements, visits and meetings or the presentation of various aspects of the life of a diplomat: We support you in the planning, implementation, production and distribution on all relevant channels and streaming platforms.

Address a wide audience from your home and host country directly. We offer high-quality documentaries, modern reports, magazine articles, video clips, interviews or photo slideshows in German, English and in your native language. Spread your initiatives, concerns and messages in the fields of politics, business, culture and international relations. Become an inspiration for young generations and convey your commitment to peace, understanding and international cooperation. Last but not least: Represent your home country in a versatile and high-quality way. Share unparalleled insight into the world of diplomacy for the general public. Contact us!

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